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Sensei : Nizar Hakim

Chief Examiner & Technical Director
5Th Degree Black Belt Shotokan (Japan)
4Th Degree Black Belt Shorin-Ryu (Japan)
3Th Degree Black Belt Kobudo

Self- Discipline through Martial Arts

The Soldiers and Warriors of “yesterday” are now the Modern Heroes and Citizens of today. We live in such a fast paced world where children and adults are having to balance hours of school and hours on the job all while trying to build and maintain a family. Today’s Modern Martial Artist does not train JUST to defend themselves or their families. They train in the Martial Arts to balance their physical and mental strengths and live by the Martial way of Self Discipline, Confidence and self control

We here at Golden Dragon Karate Club provide a positive and disciplined culture and environment where you and your children can grow with physical, mental, spiritual strength as well as become socially respected. In today’s modern world the focus and purpose of practicing Martial arts has changed not just for Adult Members but for children as well. Traditionally, every style of martial arts started with one objective: Self-defense. It was more of a physical self-defense against animals or attacks from an enemy in a society that was not civilized. In today’s modern day society, however, the definition of Martial Arts and self-defense has changed and along withit, the purpose of training in the Martial Arts has changed as well.

Golden Dragon Karate Club follows a philosophy of teaching our Members about Loyalty, Respect, Self-control, Responsibility, and Humility in order for them to grow to their fullest potential.

We also believe that gaining Confidence through Martial Arts training is one of the most powerful ways to instill belief in one’s self and one’s ability. Our program teaches an educationally well designed curriculum that can not only improve physical health but also build that sense of achievement and positive mental attitude.

Providing leadership and life lessons is another part of our program that we heavily emphasize. We want our members, both Children and Adults, to have a sense of how to become a good Leader and good Citizen in their community. These days there are too many professional athletes who are physically talented but end up in bad situations. I believe this happens because there was a lack of philosophy in their training. The training provided here at Midwest Martial Arts is meaningful, philosophical and Members have fun while they train. Leadership is defined as: to have an ability to influence others. Our goal is not to teach Members how to just kick and punch. Our goal is to have our Members, children and Adults, become positive Leaders. Golden Dragon Karate Club has a tested and proven curriculum to produce good, positive, and disciplined leaders who can be looked upon as Martial Artists who contribute to Family, society and are positive influences in our community.

Thank you,
Sensei Nizar Hakkim