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Code of Conduct

pic code of conductThe rules set out below outline the expectations of behaviour for students, family members and guests at Golden Dragon Karate Club. These rules have been put in place to ensure that the welfare and safety of students, instructors and associated officials. It is a condition of attendance at any class, grading or event run by Golden Dragon Karate Club for all students, family members and guests to abide by this Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of the all students, family members and guests to ensure they are aware of, and comply with these rules. Breaches of this policy may result in being reprimanded, asked to leave the training centre, suspension, expulsion or referred to the police as deemed appropriate by the instructor(s).


  • Notify Instructors immediately if you identify a safety concern.
  • Follow the directions and abide by the decisions of Instructors without question.
  • Show respect when entering and exiting class, especially to Black Belts, Instructors Assistants, Probationary Instructors and higher belt ranks.
  • Thank your instructor at the end of each class.
  • Keep training fees up to date. If paying monthly fees, they must be paid in advance on the first class of the new month. If for any reason you cannot pay on time, talk to your instructor to make alternative arrangements.
  • Ensure uniforms are clean and wrinkle free. Hanging uniforms can prevent wrinkling and assist in the ironing process.
  • Be respectful both in and out of class, especially when in uniform.
  • Let your Instructor know if you are unavailable to attend class or having an extended period of time away from training.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before Class and / or Grading ready to warm up, in your designated uniform. If you arrive late quickly submit your card to the instructors table and wait on the side to be invited by the instructor into class.


  • Enter or exit class without the prior notice and approval of the Instructor in charge. This also applies to parents with students arriving late or leaving early.
  • Engage in private conversations in the training centre during class time. It disrupts class, distracts students and contradicts our teachings of focus and self-control. This applies to spectators as well if you wish to engage in conversations, take it outside.
  • Enter the training floor area during class time, unless authorised by an Instructor.
  • Intentionally attempt to injure, physically or verbally abuse, threaten, interfere with or otherwise show disrespect to any person.
  • Publicly disagree, challenge or talk back to Instructors, Assistant Instructors, or any other official nominated by Golden Dragon Karate Club. Issues should be raised through the Feedback Policy and Feedback Process, enclosed in this leaflet.
  • Smoke, drink alcohol or engage in anti-social behaviour that could diminish the reputation of Golden Dragon Karate Club.
  • Defame or otherwise engage in spreading rumours or gossip relating to Golden Dragon Karate Club, Instructors or students
  • Perform demonstrations in your Golden Dragon Karate Club uniform or engage in Social Media e.g newspapers and/or articles without the consent of a Head Instructor