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About Us

Golden Dragon Karate Sharjah, One of the leading martial arts training centre in sharjah since 2002. We have professionally qualified instructors and well formed syllabus for the students. We committed to enhance positive lifestyle habits, physical activity and building healthy relationships.

Mission Statement

Golden Dragon Karate provides specialist education and training in Traditional (Shotokan Style) Karate, practical self-defense, fitness, life skills and character building. Using a combination of strategies, along with proven martial arts techniques and tactics, we teach people how to avoid and / or react in situations that could threaten your personal safety. We also aim to educate in mental fortitude, leadership, confidence and other qualities that contribute to success in all aspects of people lives. We aim to provide high quality, disciplined, engaging and practical training programs for children, teens, women and men of all ages.


  • KARATE-DO (Adults & Children)
  • AEROBICS (Ladies)
  • Warming Exercises (Patients)
  • YOGA (Ladies & Gents)